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Children are our future.  The Nevada Statewide Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Coalition believes that every child deserves a healthy start – it’s the best gift a community can give to its children.  The Nevada Statewide Maternal and Child Health Coalition works with community partners to advocate for preconception health, developmental screening, breastfeeding, physical activity, and more for mothers and children. 

To better serve the entire state of Nevada, the MCH Coalition offers membership, resources and support in Northern and Southern Nevada.  Together, the Northern and Southern Nevada Coalitions serves to nurture and enhance the knowledge and capacity of the healthcare community to better serve the needs of families.

Regional Membership

Please choose your membership based on the community you work in. Regional memberships help MCH Leaders to identify and carry out strategies that best serve their community.

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Get in touch with NVMCH if you have any questions!


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Community resources and helpful links dedicated to maternal and child health.

Thank you to Health Plan of Nevada
for being the Education Partner at the
World Breastfeeding event on 8/5/17. 

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